To provide reliable, consistent, & predictable performance


To build the industry’s most dynamic team of customer service and
marketing associates and deliver cost-effective, high impact
customer management strategies to the world’s leading organizations


Treat others the way we want to be treated and create a culture of mutual appreciation, regard and value. Act towards others with dignity and help one another succeed.


Our integrity ensures our credibility. Honor your commitments and take ownership of your actions. Our words and deeds are truthful and reliable.


Clear, candid and open communication must drive all interactions. Transparency makes our actions understood, creates reliability and fosters collaboration.


Strive for excellence in all that we do. Take great pride in your work as each employee’s contribution is vital towards delivering exceptional customer service to our clients.

Evolve your business. Every day.

IBEX Global

Headquartered in Washington D.C. and listed on the London Stock Exchange, IBEX Global (A TRG Company) is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm that delivers not just onshore, but also, near-shore and offshore solutions employing over 10,000 customer service professionals. IBEX Global has redefined its global presence in countries such as USA, UK, Pakistan, UAE, Philippines and Senegal by establishing 21 contact centres and providing support in 20+ languages.

Delivering innovation for over 14 years, IBEX Global offers an integrated suite of services in a wide range of industrial sectors including but not limited to financial, telecommunications, marketing, human resources, retail, energy, travel, automobile, technology, healthcare and insurance industries to support and streamline an expansive array of customer-facing solutions. Its global network of offices is a cost-effective and strategic way to outsource key customer management and back office requirements to a partner with Fortune 100 project experience.

One of the Best Performing BPOs

  • 1st

    VOC (KPI Rank) in Technology Vertical Among 7 Providers

  • 1st

    Sales Conversion (KPI Rank) in Travel Vertical Among 4 Providers

  • 1st

    Net Promoter Score (KPI Rank) in Telecom Vertical Among 8 Providers

  • 1st

    VOC (KPI Rank) in Retail Vertical Among 5 Providers


Karachi is the financial hub of Pakistan, with a large talent pool of employable professionals

IBEX Global Pakistan

IBEX Global Pakistan is the leading BPO firm in the country with a total headcount of 3,000+ employees. With offices based in Pakistan’s key metropolitan cities - Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad - we simply think differently about the way clients are serviced and are delivered reliable, consistent and predictable results. We have a unique capability to provide a diverse range of BPO solutions across industry verticals, thereby providing our clients with highly customized solutions that efficiently solve their product and service needs.


IBEX Global traces its beginnings to Lahore - a city of dynamic professionals with diverse language skills


Present in the heart of Pakistan, our operations in the Federal Capital specialize in providing technology solutions