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Delivery Models

COSOURCING – Your pilots Our Planes.

Extend your capabilities by bringing in IBEX Global as your back-office business partner. IBEX Global’s domain expertise, managerial experience, specialized knowledge, technical skills, staffing flexibility, and best practices can help enhance the efficacy of your existing facilities and infrastructure.

You may want to peruse this model if you have already invested in technology and just need the relevant domain expertise to nail it.

B-O-T – Ready, Get set, Go!

Let us setup a facility for you right from the scratch, operate it the expert-way, bring it to a steady state and then it’s all yours.

This is a contract where depending on the scope, scale and complexity of your business, we setup a facility including technology, human capital and expertise for you, operate it for a defined period of 1-3 years, and then once it’s in a workable state, we hand over the operations to you completely.

The contract can also define if our very expert management personnel are also handed over to you besides operations.

Outsourcing – leveraging complete or hybrid setup

Gone are the days where outsourcing was considered as a cost cutting strategy, now it can bring laurels to your business.

With our human and management capabilities combined with your technology extended to our facility, we are able to apply the much needed expertise to manage your day to day operations.