Contact Center


IBEX Global’s inbound call technology allows best possible customer service while improving call management efficiency. Inbound calls are first handled by the customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system which guides the caller according to their query. With the help of advanced IVR scripting, the system can resolve queries with direct interaction database. Meanwhile, IBEX Global’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature automatically routes the call to the appropriate CSR based on the caller’s needs.

We understand that our your customer service objective is to improve first call resolution, shorten average call times, increase customer satisfaction, while reducing operational costs and we ensure that you thoroughly achieve these objectives.

IBEX Global’s Inbound contact center solution has the following salient features:

  • Web based administration interface to manage different aspects of call center like
    • Skill Management
    • Agent Management
    • System Performance
    • End user management
    • Role based access for different level of users
    • User Group Management
    • System Settings
    • Agent to Skill and Skill to Agent assignment management
    • User restriction and logs management
    • Backup and Restore
    • Alerts configuration
    • Per skill disposition management
    • MOH (Music On Hold) management for different skills
  • Run multiple queues without any limit
  • Resolve calls more quickly with the help of IVR
  • Situation specific routing (Time of the Day, specific Event, holidays etc)
  • Pre-process calls before transferring them to a live CSR, reducing the need for additional CSRs to handle calls
  • Call distribution based on strategies such as Random, Least Busy, Longest Waiting etc.
  • Listen-in on any CSR call without detection
  • Whisper mode for CSRs so that only the CSR can hear the supervisor’s instructions
  • Supervisor can join in on calls at any time
  • Call recording for all queues or selected queues
  • Auto popup based on caller ID
  • Customer announcements played to all/selected callers with marketing messages in opening hours
  • Allows call transfer to any number
  • Real time CSRs monitoring
  • Real time queue monitoring
  • Real time calls processing based on wait time, call duration indicators
  • Extensive and consistent reporting
  • Reports can be exported to different formats (Excel, CSV).
  • Remote access to real-time monitoring and reports
  • Customized reporting on your request