Contact Center


IBEX Global’s comprehensive outbound services help generate significant revenues for clients. Customer acquisition requires persuasive and effective outbound techniques. We target interaction with potential customers based on detailed prospecting, profiling, and qualification routines. Our CSRs are trained to make convincing sales pitches for expanding the client’s prospect base. Sales from existing customers are maximized through up-sell and cross-sell efforts.

Our proprietary Predictive Dialer technology efficiently and accurately screens out answering machines, busy signals, operator intercepts, fax lines etc. and passes through only live connects to CSRs. This allows for maximum call center efficiency and can improve overall contact rates by as much as 300% over manual dialing.

The outbound solution features include:

  • Multiple campaign support
  • Support for different dialing modes i.e. predictive, progressive, preview and manual mode
  • Single-click CSR monitoring
  • CSR skills-based routing
  • Call-Blending to improve agent productivity and occupancy rate
  • Multiple configurable pacing rules
  • Scheduled callbacks can be CSR-specific or general queue
  • Area code rules
  • Time zone settings
  • Automated campaign start and stop times
  • Open database connectivity
  • Flexible import wizard for different file formats
  • Customized reporting
  • Real time monitoring
  • Agent performance reports
  • Queue performance reports
  • SLA based reports
  • Specific interval reports
  • Trunk reports
  • Distribution Reports (Per hour, per day, per week, per month)
  • Program lead penetration report