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Quality Assurance Unit - IBEX GLOBAL

Though most of our current quality management systems are owned and managed internally, we are often asked to use a client’s system as well.

Daily floor monitoring and remote call monitoring are handled via our internal systems. We offer 100% digital voice recording for phone interactions and provide client with a toll free number and access code for live call monitoring. Live monitoring can either be done with the site or unassisted via this type of remote access. In an unassisted environment we’ll also provide you with ID information specifically to access your assigned team members. Remote call monitoring can be scheduled through the Account Manager assigned as your main point of contact.

Joint monitoring can be done daily, weekly, or in increments defined by client. Our Account Manager will work with client to schedule the requisite remote monitoring by CSR and will provide the details for session access.


Types of call monitoring

Our floor-monitoring and remote-monitoring practices for inbound and outbound include the following:

Internal Monitoring

Supervisor or QA Representative listens to three calls for each CSR per week. Based on the performance of those calls, a monitoring session is entered into the database and the CSR is provided with the feedback.  The intent is to provide immediate feedback

Side by Side Monitoring

Side-by-side monitoring is when a Supervisor or QA Representative sits beside a CSR and plugs into their phone line. The CSR is provided with immediate coaching.

Silent Monitoring

Silent monitoring is when you utilize an EIS station on the production floor to listen and watch screen movement without the knowledge of the CSR.  These sessions are documented and immediate feedback is given to the CSR.


Calibration is when QA Representatives, Quality Supervisors and the Quality Manager listen and evaluate CSRs together to ensure consistent scoring. If the same program is run in two centers, cross center calibration is also completed. All sessions are documented.


Quality Feedback Process

Analytical Assessment of CSR profile vis-à-vis performance and feedback from Quality and Operations to Recruitment and Training is illustrated in diagram below
Quality Assurance Feedback Process - IBEX GLOBAL